We believe deep tech can fuel the transitions we need globally for sustainable development.

our impact

Our Theory of Change

global transitions

We believe deep tech can fuel the transitions we need globally for sustainable development.  

commited entrepreneurs

We believe anyone with the ambition to improve the lives of others deserves the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

grand societal impact

Our societal impact is reflected in our deep-tech ventures. We only support ventures that dedicate their teams, time and technology to addressing the grand societal and planetary challenges of our time.

make a difference

We engage our deep-tech ecosystem, talent network and proven venture building program to enable impact-driven entrepreneurs to make the difference. That is why we integrate sustainability and impact goals and strategies in our program.  

adding value back to community

As the ventures develop innovative solutions, they become part of communities and ecosystems where they add value through research and development and by creating jobs, with special attention to a diverse workforce.

Societal problem


Build business resilience to societal and environmental challenges


Reduce negative impact on people and the environment


Create solutions to address global goals

We are inspired by John Elkington’s reinterpretation of the triple bottom line of “Green Swans.”
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our ventures and their impact

we build ventures with impactful solutions

Together with our tech partners, we select technologies with the potential to disrupt non-sustainable industries and structures. It is the teams who turn these opportunities into proper solutions to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, guided by our venture building program and supported by the ecosystem.


Our alumni

HighTechXL has created successful companies with global impact from the Netherlands to China, where we also have operations.

In five years, HighTechXL startups and scale-ups have created more than 2,000 jobs and raised more than 80 million euros.

HighTechXL companies are not just surviving, but 17 are in our "star" portfolio with 10x projected returns.

high tech Startups
deep tech ventures

Sometimes the stars align to create a stellar startup, one based on top tech combined with top talent addressing a global challenge in a ready market. Incooling hit the floor running, sealing a promising partnership with a global tech giant. And it all started in Eindhoven.

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regenerative companies

We are continuously looking for more effective ways to enable the global transition to a sustainable, regenerative society. By being regenerative through its core activities, a company can move beyond fixing that which is broken to creating and maintaining a new standard.

theory of change

As part of the program and to promote this mindset, our deep-tech ventures create their own Theory of Change and align this to the mission and vision of their companies.

diversity of applications

At the nexus of deep tech and the HighTechXL ecosystem, we focus on solutions in healthcare, clean tech and energy transition, advanced machinery, agriculture and food and security.

our stars

success stories

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our ventures and their impact

some examples below


A revolutionary thermal scanning method for plastic recycling

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Reduce food loss and protect the environment - Infitiv offers innovative solutions to reduce food loss in the post-harvest stage for a sustainable and responsible food supply chain.

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Next level mental performance using neurofeedback technology and music.

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Carbyon closes the CO2 cycle by capturing the CO2 from ambient air.

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our impact strategy

We integrate sustainability and impact in our venture building program

We believe future-proof companies are key drivers in the transition to a sustainable society that is resilient, responsible and, most of all, regenerative. Conversely, we believe sustainability is a key driver in building future-proof companies. As the ventures follow the following steps, they are supported by a mix of experience labs, workshops and 1-1 coaching.


Technologies with impactIn Technology Deep Dives, our tech team and experts from our network assess technologies for their potential to solve societal challenges and other requirements.

Purpose-driven entrepreneursOur talent recruitment team scouts a diverse group of potential co-founders who are looking for a job with a purpose.

Assessing for impact potentialSustainability and impact are selection criteria for ventures to enter the program and pass through the different gates.

venture building program

Core business aligned
We start with the basics to ensure the venture is solving an actual, life-size problem. The societal and/or environmental impact of the solution are integrated in core business deliverables such as value proposition and business model canvas. We conduct workshops on the SDGs, mission and vision and corporate sustainability.

Theory of Change
Teams create a Theory of Change, which is an iterative process revisited throughout the program and beyond. The ToC is also used to monitor impact.

Good governance
Integrated in the “Team” and “Sustainability” verticals are deliverables related to team values, way of working and an internal code of conduct. Later, the code of conduct expands to include a supplier code of conduct.

Kick-off the ecodesign mindset: the team conducts an environmental risk and opportunity assessment of their product development plan, guided by reuse and circularity professionals.

Life cycle analysis
As the MVP starts to take shape, the teams prepare an environmental Life Cycle Assessment.  

AFTER program

Continued support
We continue to support alumni ventures after they leave the program. We open our network and assist in fundraising, while addressing the challenges that come with scaling the solution sustainably.