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“Why should we work on easy stuff if we can work on complex things that matter?”
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It Starts With You

We believe anyone with a great idea that makes impact
should have the opportunity of trying to become a successful entrepreneur within or outside of a company.
That's why we support both startup founders and corporates to be entrepreneurial by helping in developing the necessary skills, learning the best method and using the right tools.


Learn the necessary skills to drive innovation like resilience, resourcefulness, etc.


Work in an agile and lean way that embraces failure and leads to success.


Visual and interactive tools to make sure your message gets across.



The fastest way to get from prototype to market. Accelerated your dream in a 3 month program to build a scalable, validated business case. 

And from launch to hyper growth. Work with the giants in your industry to grow your business.

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Build your corporate innovation engine to develop a culture of entrepreneurship and create value. 

Collaborate with startups and external innovators to develop new business opportunities.

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Creative Communication

!X brings together the expertise from all areas of visual communication to create complete brand experience for your clients and customers. 

We amplify your voice through crafting film, photography and graphic design to reach your audience through both online and offline mediums.

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Our Team

Our team is composed of extraordinary individuals with diverse expertise and skills. Together, we make anything happen.

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