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We’re deep-tech venture builders. We mobilize the Eindhoven region’s unique skills and networks by combining deep tech with entrepreneurship.

It starts with you.

HighTechXL is a venture-building accelerator that builds teams of entrepreneurs and tech talents around the most advanced technology in the world … technology from CERN, TNO, Philips and other global innovators. 

As teams mature in our program, we connect them with the investors and mentors they’ll need to emerge as viable businesses. HighTechXL also works with multinationals in Europe and China, helping them become faster, leaner and more competitive.


Learn the necessary skills to drive innovation such as resilience, resourcefulness and leadership.


Work in an agile and lean way that embraces failure but ultimately leads to success.


Visual and interactive tools to make sure your message gets across.


HighTechXL’s venture-building approach is the fastest way to build strong teams with everything they need to get deep-tech to market. We start with next-gen technologies, including lasers and particle accelerators, build our teams around that tech carefully and strategically, then put the new enterprises on the stage nine months later. It’s amazing to see … it’s even more amazing to experience.              

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Corporate Innovation

Build your corporate innovation engine by letting us show you how to build a culture of entrepreneurship.

Collaborate with innovators and entrepreneurs who can uncover and unleash value in your company that’s been trapped by conventional thinking.

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Become an entrepreneur

Is there an entrepreneur lurking somewhere inside you?
Our corporate talent development program helps corporates unleash their entrepreneurial mindset. By joining a deep-tech venture, they are immersed in startup and innovation cultures, giving them an understanding of both worlds.

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Creative Crew

!X brings together the expertise from all areas of visual communication to create complete brand experience for your clients and customers. We amplify your voice through crafting film, photography and graphic design to reach your audience through both online and offline mediums.

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our programs


At HighTechXL, you can become an entrepreneur and join a deep-tech venture. Our program gives you access to advanced technology and cutting-edge IP, the opportunity to work with driven co-founders, and access to a vast network of industry leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs.

talent program

The Corporate Talent Program places corporates on deep-tech venture teams, where they are involved from day one in the startup world.


It’s never too early to learn how to become an entrepreneur! We’re looking for master’s students in the last year of their physics, engineering, business, innovation or  materials science program to join our Internship Program.


Introducing the HighTechXL Graduate Program, a young entrepreneur development program at HighTechXL. Your tech journey starts here.

Our Team

Our team is composed of extraordinary individuals with diverse expertise and skills. Together, we can make anything happen.

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We are a group of diverse individuals that, together, make everything happen. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, are driven by innovation and want to see venture-building from the inside-out, check out our careers page.



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