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Read the latest news about HighTechXL deep-tech ventures and alumni and find out what’s next on the agenda.


Dynaxion featured in latest Eindhovens Dagblad article

Dynaxion was in the first cohort of deep-tech ventures in 2018. Their scanner uses a particle accelerator that generates neutrons. Those neutrons are released onto the atoms of materials. Depending on the reaction that occurs, artificial intelligence can be used to analyze which substance is involved. To be specific, Dynaxion’s scanner can tell the difference between milk powder and cocaine present in parcels and suitcases. So, what’s missing? Investors. “It's difficult,” says Joost van de Griendt. “Investors talk more about risks than opportunities.” If Dynaxion secures funding for a prototype and gets to market, their scanner will literally make the world a safer place. Contact Joost if you can help them get there:

Deep-tech venture Tarucca partners with FruitPunch AI for AI for Wind Energy Challenge

Deep-tech venture alumnus Tarucca is teaming up with FruitPunch AI and DTU, Technical University of Denmark, for the AI for Wind Energy challenge, and they need AI for Good engineers to join! The challenge? Extend the lifetime of wind turbine blades by identifying damage based on ambient vibration data. During this challenge, engineers will be mentored by experts from the field & can become a certified AI for Energy engineer.

Keiron CEO Jimmy Sy-A-Chin attends Forward.One startup school

Back to school! Keiron Printing Technologies CEO Jimmy Sy-A-Chin attended Startup School, an interactive monthly course covering business building and scaling topics. Knowledge is power!

byFlow showcases patented print head technology with 3D printed chocolate

Great article by 3D Printing Industry about byFlow's new patented technology with a first implementation of Chocolate! Showcased at the World's 50 Best Restaurants 2021 in Antwerp (Belgium)! 🚀 🍫

HighTechXL alumni teams attend CES Unveiled

It’s a busy day at CES Unveiled and alumni teams are buzzing with excitement and networking their hearts out! HighTechXL alumni teams will be in Las Vegas at the first live CES event in two years. Fair warning to the USA: A wave of Dutch impact startups is headed your way! 🇺🇸 🇳🇱


XL Day

Join us for XL Day July 16th from 13:00-17:00. Limited seating available + live stream