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Read the latest news about HighTechXL deep-tech ventures and alumni and find out what’s next on the agenda.


Congrats to Keiron for securing funding from the NWO

Wow! Congrats to deep-tech venture alum Keiron Printing Technologies for securing the first round of funding with NWO (Dutch Research Council) TAKE-OFF Phase 2. These are exciting times for you, and we celebrate your success!

Aircision will be featured in the Optical Wireless Communications Conference

Shout-out to Luís Pedro Oliveira, CEO of deep-tech venture alumnus Aircision. Luis will be a featured speaker at the Optical Wireless Communications Conference at Photonics Applications Week, 4th edition, 27 September - 1 October 2021. "FSO will play a crucial role in connecting the world," and Luis will be on hand to talk about Free Space Optics and Aircision's mission to power the high-speed connected world.

AlphaBeats is seeking beta testers

Support HighTechXL venture alum AlphaBeats! AlphaBeats is moving quickly to launch their revolutionary stress-reduction technology and user experience. They need beta testers to test the efficacy of their solution. Beta testers only need an iPhone and a Spotify premium subscription. Listen to your favorite tunes for just 10 minutes a day and prevent diseases caused by the epidemic of the 21st century.

Usono celebrates 5-year anniversary!

Congratulations to HighTechXL alum Usono on your fifth anniversary! Keep doing what you're doing ... innovating, growing, developing. We're cheering you on!

HighTechXL, alumni featured in TechCrunch

Mike Butcher at TechCrunch wrote an article featuring results of the investor and startup survey request in May. The article mentioned HighTechXL and several of our alumni, including Guus Frericks (HTXL Founder and Chief Growth Officer), John Bell (CEO), Betsy Lindsey, CFO of Aircision, Han Dirkx, CEO of AlphaBeats, Incooling, Amber, Dynaxion and Carbyon We agree with those surveyed the one thing that’s lacking is early-stage investment for deep-tech ventures like the ones we launch at HighTechXL. But we also see the tide is turning, and we welcome investors to support early-stage startups on their way to fast-growing scale-ups. Oh, and we beg to differ. #Eindhoven is poised to become the Netherlands' #1 tech hub.


XL Day

Join us for XL Day July 16th from 13:00-17:00. Limited seating available + live stream