We believe deep tech can fuel the transitions we need globally for sustainable development.

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Our journey

HighTechXL launched in 2015 as a high-tech startup accelerator. After six years, more than 60 percent of HighTechXL alumni companies have survived.

In 2018, HighTechXL announced the transition from high-tech startup accelerator to a deep-tech venture building effort, more relevant to Eindhoven's ecosystem. We launched three startups based on technologies developed at CERN, the particle research center in Switzerland.

All three of those startups – Aircision, Dynaxion and Incooling – have been, by startup standards, home runs, raking in investments, making deals with international corporations and getting global media attention.

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How Does It Work?

Starting a new business can be quite chaotic. Our milestone approach will help you take  the necessary steps to take advanced technologies to market in nine months.

HighTechXL begins the venture-building process by sourcing technologies from research institutions such as CERN, TNO and Philips.

Here's how we do it

We research the technologies and identify potential application areas.

We hold a FasTrackathon – a reverse-hackathon – where technologies and potential application areas are up for grabs. We invite engineers, physicists, business development experts, finance managers and seasoned entrepreneurs to come for a half-day idea  session where teams build a business model canvas and pitch their business cases at the end of the day.

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HighTechXL recruits additional team members interested in taking the technology to market and holds pre-program sessions to further strengthen the teams.

Become a co-founder

Teams go through a selection process, then begin the nine-month venture building program.

selection day
Teams go through a selection process, then begin the nine-month venture building program.

venture building program
The nine-month program is broken down into three phases of three months.

What you'll get

alumni support program
The nine-month program is broken down into three phases of three months.

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Program Features

The nine-month deep-tech venture building program is divided into three phases of three months, each phase structured with deliverables based on technology application research, product development, market research, team development and everything a business needs to grow.

Weekly workshops

Workshops led by seasoned venture builders and industry experts and tailored to deep-tech startups.


Access to our pool of mentors with 300+ industry experts, entrepreneurs and partners.

One on one sessions

Weekly team one-on-one sessions with the HighTechXL team to closely monitor business progress and team development.


HighTechXL personnel act as program leaders, offering support, insight on deliverables to help drive progress.


Master your pitch with storytelling and stage presence training.


A team of brand architects: designer, copywriter, and video producer.


We provide legal, financial and supply chain support to help you build your business from the ground up.


We offer investment support and advice with access to a network of regional, national and international investors.

pitch moments

Venture teams have the opportunity to pitch their business propositions during Gate Moments, XL Day (demo day), high tech conference and at private investor events.


Venture teams get free office space during the nine-month program at High Tech Campus.

UnlimIted coffe

Startups run on coffee so we made sure your elixir of life never runs out.


Seasoned content creators help teams craft their messages for all marketing channels: website, pitch decks, investor decks and social media channels.

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Our alumni

HighTechXL has created successful companies with global impact from the Netherlands to China, where we also have operations.

In five years, HighTechXL startups and scale-ups have created more than 2,000 jobs and raised more than 80 million euros.

HighTechXL companies are not just surviving, but 17 are in our "star" portfolio with 10x projected returns.

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Sometimes the stars align to create a stellar startup, one based on top tech combined with top talent addressing a global challenge in a ready market. Incooling hit the floor running, sealing a promising partnership with a global tech giant. And it all started in Eindhoven.

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