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Sophia Kirova
May 25, 2016

Dutch High-Tech Industry Leaders Announce Strategic Alliance To Champion Innovation In High-Tech Hardware

Private and public sector organizations form alliance to support high-tech hardware accelerator programs at HighTechXL

Eindhoven, May 25, 2016: ASML and Philips – two leading global actors in high tech – together with a consortium of key technology and government stakeholders, announce the launch of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, a joint initiative that will dramatically boost the global impact of innovation in high-tech hardware.

The Alliance members are ABN Amro, ASML, the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Brainport Development, EY and HVG, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, NTS, Philips, and the City of Eindhoven.

The Eindhoven Startup Alliance will create a symbiotic relationship between high-tech startups and large-scale corporations in the Eindhoven Brainport Region. For hardware startup founders, the initiative will function as a support system of experience and expertise throughout the startups’ process of evolution from ideation, to prototype, to scale-up. For the larger companies, it will serve as a meaningful way for them to tap into a fast-moving innovation ecosystem, gaining them access to promising new ideas, technologies, and talent.

For the first time ever in the Eindhoven region, the Dutch captains of the high-tech industry have made a commitment to work together, supporting young companies and catapulting them onto a fast growth curve. The members of the alliance believe that since so much in the Eindhoven region depends on its industry leaders, they have a collective responsibility to “give back”; to diversify the business landscape in order to sustain the region’s international position as an innovation, design, and technology capital.

The strategic move comes exactly a year after the Dutch government instituted StartupDelta – the nation-wide umbrella of local innovation hubs, aiming at positioning The Netherlands as one of the top three most attractive startup ecosystems in Europe. In a similar fashion, the Eindhoven Startup Alliance is combining the efforts of the key regional stakeholders into one focused initiative aimed at developing entrepreneurial talent to grow new companies.

The Ambition

The alliance’s objective is to accelerate, through the HighTechXL program, at least 100 high-tech hardware companies by 2020. From those 100 companies, the alliance aims to produce at least 20 to 30 that join a high-growth curve and become the next original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the new industry giants. As a byproduct of accelerating these startups, the alliance aims to create hundreds, if not thousands, new jobs. Ultimately, the future of the region will be secured as the high tech capital of the world – the innovative “hotspot” for high-tech systems and solutions.

HighTechXL: The Alliance’s Central Engine

The vehicle that the alliance has chosen to achieve its mission is HighTechXL – a framework of programs designed to drive startup growth from ideation to scaling up. HighTechXL supports promising hardware startup and scale-up teams, helping them to bring their technologies to market.

HighTechXL will engage early-stage startups at the HighTechXL Plaza – their ideation space run in collaboration with Hans Meeske and Jeroen Rondeel from partner organizations Holland Innovative and Blue Engineering. It will take the lead in driving channel management along with the Eindhoven University of Technology’s incubation program, Bright Move. In addition, its team will run a 6-month acceleration program to cover the development phase from prototype to market, followed by structured support throughout the growth stage.

As part of their scale-up program, HighTechXL plans to set up permanent advisory boards for the startups, consisting of people from the alliance member organizations who can best address the specific challenges that the teams face. The boards will meet with the startups on a monthly basis, providing the supply chain and production know-how to help keep the startups on the right track.

HighTechXL will do all of this from its prime location on what’s been called the “smartest square kilometer in Europe” – the High Tech Campus. On the campus, over 140 companies and 10,000 researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs work together and are collectively responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications.

Comprehensive Support for Startups

Through HighTechXL, the Eindhoven Startup Alliance is expanding the definition of a “business accelerator.”

Guus Frericks, founder and CEO of HighTechXL: “We need to be more active in helping young technology companies to develop throughout the complete cycle: from idea to startup to scale-up. An accelerator alone doesn’t cut it, we need to get every local initiative to work more closely together so we can achieve our common goal. I am very pleased that – next to the large OEMs – we have NTS-Group participating.’’ Marc Hendrikse, CEO of NTS-Group, adds: “NTS-Group has been supporting several high tech start-ups. Regional successes are Phenom World, SoLayTec and Additive Industries. Based on the desire to create more high tech OEMs in the region, we wholeheartedly support the HighTechXL initiative.”

Peter Wennink, CEO of ASML, said: “In its turbulent early years, ASML experienced first-hand how important a support system is for a young company. Supporting HighTechXL is our way of giving back to the community. In addition, we have the experience that these young companies can contribute: startups are a great source of ideas. Strengthening the high-tech hardware ecosystem, finally, is in our interest because we rely on a network of innovative suppliers and technology partners to continue our technology leadership.”

“125 years ago, Philips was itself a startup. We stand for innovation and entrepreneurship, and we believe that the future of successful innovation and growth lies in the collaboration between corporations and startups. There are many ways in which young and established companies can complement each other, and HighTechXL offers a great platform to do just that. Along with the other members of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, we can give a push to innovation, and thus invest in the future growth of the region,” added Hans de Jong, CEO of Philips Benelux.


Notes For Editors

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