Fact: You can’t build deep-tech ventures without deep-tech. Our tech scouting team works closely with world-renowned research institutions and tech companies such as CERN, European Space Agency, TNO and Philips to access advanced technologies around which we build companies.


our method

We build deep-tech ventures using technology we source from knowledge institutes and technology companies. Our tech scouting team has developed close relationships with tech providers. They research the technologies and determine whether or not there are applications on which you can build a viable company.  

The team spends a lot of time assessing technologies before they are approved for the FasTrackathon, our signature reverse-hackathon. It all starts with the technologies and the relationships the team has with technology transfer officers at knowledge institutes.


Tech Scouting & Release

How Does It Work?

Tech Scouting Phase
HighTechXL searches for suitable technologies in various ways. We contact our known providers and ask for “secret pearls” from their labs. We have contacts with tech transfer offices and discuss potentially suitable technologies. We also actively scout for technologies at other research institutes, including universities.

Create Tech Short-list
In this step, the tech scouting team discusses which technologies we bring to the next FasTrackathon and which ones we keep for later.

Tech Assessment
Our tech scouting team does a deep dive with the tech provider, asking detailed questions from a list of seven key categories, including development, maturity, IP status, licensing conditions, transfer, skills and application.

At this step, our tech scouting team has determined the technology is suitable for the next FasTrackathon, and we present it to the teams.


Our alumni

HighTechXL has created successful companies with global impact from the Netherlands to China, where we also have operations.

In five years, HighTechXL startups and scale-ups have created more than 2,000 jobs and raised more than 80 million euros.

HighTechXL companies are not just surviving, but 17 are in our "star" portfolio with 10x projected returns.

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deep tech ventures

Sometimes the stars align to create a stellar startup, one based on top tech combined with top talent addressing a global challenge in a ready market. Incooling hit the floor running, sealing a promising partnership with a global tech giant. And it all started in Eindhoven.

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Working with HTXL has shown me that the life of a startup is actually a lot of fun! It is great to see and feel the enthusiasm and drive to make things happen. On top of that getting the right support and tools to create your own company, wow!It actually is realising my dream with their help!
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