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There are several ways in which you can be involved with HighTechXL. We are strong believers in open innovation and always welcome people who are willing to contribute to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem we are building together with our partners and startups.  

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How can you join the HighTechXL community of innovators? You could join a venture as a CEO, CTO or CBO co-founding member. If you are unable to join as a core team member, you could always join as a supporting team member if you’re in the “career builder” phase of your life. We have a mentor program where industry experts and business professionals work closely with startups to share their knowledge or connections.  

We have a corporate talent track where candidates nominated from within an organization join a team for one phase of the program to learn about building deep-tech ventures and offering their industry knowledge in return. Or you may want to join the HighTechXL team and help build deep-ventures who tackle grand societal challenges the world faces today.

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Teams entering the venture building program consist of dedicated co-founders with a strong interest in deep tech and entrepreneurship. Next to co-founders, the startup teams are always in need of (temporary) team members who are willing to contribute on a specific topic or domain. We value diversity in background, thinking and gender. Our startup teams have team members from all over the world. Considering becoming a co-founder or team member?

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Every now and then, things happen in life that make you reflect on the next step in your career. Perhaps you’ve worked in a corporation for years but always wondered what it’s like to be your own boss. Or you recently moved to the Netherlands and are in the process of orientation in the Dutch labor market. We help you figure out whether or not being an entrepreneur in a deep-tech environment is for you. In the process, you can attend our workshops, develop your skills and expand your network in theEindhoven ecosystem.

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Startups are always in need of experienced professionals who offer support, open up their networks or give insight and input on a specific market or industry. Some of our mentors support on a specific help request for several startups; others contribute on a more regular basis and free up four hours a day each week to work with a dedicated startup. Mentoring is about giving back and growing your network.



We are a group of diverse individuals that, together, make everything happen. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, are driven by innovation and want to see venture-building from the inside-out, check out our careers page.




HighTechXL builds deep-tech ventures based on advanced technologies sourced from top research institutes. We help them build high-performance teams and guide them through our rigorous, nine-month program. We support the teams with all the building blocks they need to launch viable businesses which address grand challenges our society faces today including climate change , security, healthcare and telecommunications. Along the way we introduce our ventures to the investor community and assist them in their fundraising efforts. We regularly host investor events so the investor community gets to know the ventures, their technologies and the opportunities to invest in fast-growing companies of the future. The startups value your feedback. As a friendly investor, you can see them develop during the course of our program. If you would like to be part of our events and get to know our startups better, visit our investor space.

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corporate talent program

Corporate talents can join startups during one of the three phases and work on their personal learning goals while being part of the startup team for 1.5 days per week. During the program, corporate talents participate in a variety of workshops, discovering the “startup way” of working and innovating. Talents also learn about the fine art of storytelling, building a pitch and the importance of stage presence as they deliver their own pitches. The ventures benefit from the industry knowledge and experience of the corporate talents, building a lasting relationship among all the team members.

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A great deal of intellectual property generated within corporations and research institutions are, once they have served their (single) purpose, put on the shelf and not used for other applications. This shelved IP simply may not be the core of the corporations or research institution. We offer the inventions of research institutions and corporations a second life. Through our tech screening process, we assess whether the technology may be applied in a different way and contribute to solving societal challenges. Find out more about our tech screening process and the possibilities in taking your technologies to market.

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HighTechXL is supported by the Eindhoven Startup Alliance (ESA). Our partners, ASML, Philips, BOM, TNO and High Tech Campus Eindhoven, want to strengthen the region through startup innovation. ESA is focused on bringing talented innovators to the region of Eindhoven and contributing to making the world a better place. Are you a corporate interested in teaming up or contributing as well?

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HighTechXL has created successful companies with global impact from the Netherlands to China, where we also have operations.

In five years, HighTechXL startups and scale-ups have created more than 2,000 jobs and raised more than 80 million euros.

HighTechXL companies are not just surviving, but 17 are in our "star" portfolio with 10x projected returns.

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Sometimes the stars align to create a stellar startup, one based on top tech combined with top talent addressing a global challenge in a ready market. Incooling hit the floor running, sealing a promising partnership with a global tech giant. And it all started in Eindhoven.

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