HighTechXL: Co-founders for deep-tech ventures

If you're driven by innovation and have a deep love for deep tech, we invite you to consider joining a venture team at HighTechXL.

We give co-founders (CEOs, CTOs and CBOs) a unique opportunity to build deep-tech ventures from the ground up, starting with selected advanced technologies from world-renowned research institutions and tech companies such as CERN, European Space Agency (ESA), TNO, Philips, PORT, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, PhotonFirst, PhotonDelta and other global innovators. 

What's in it for co-founders?

• The co-founder team starts with 70% of the shares. If technology is very mature (due to investments by the tech institute) this could be less.

• Pre-seed investment if the startup passes the first phase successfully

• Proven nine-month program

• Support in deal-making and investor connections


What do you need to be a successful co-founder?

• Eager to take ownership and be in the lead

• Commitment and dedication to the startup

• Understanding the process is uncertain, setbacks may and will happen and you must deal with changing insights

• The skills and capabilities to prove the business case you developed is viable after the first phase

• The energy and ability to build relationships


We’re continuously looking for cofounders (CEOs, CTOs and CBOs) to join for deep-tech ventures, so there is no "deadline" to apply. This is your opportunity to take advanced technologies to market and tackle grand societal challenges we face today.

Send your CV and motivation letter to entrepreneur@hightechxl.com and we will contact you to start the assessment process.