October 2019

If you have a startup – anything from an idea to a team with an MVP – you are invited to HighTechXL for SmartConnect, an evening of feedback, advice and wisdom – our way of reaching out to startup teams who can use some expert advice, direction, fresh thinking or maybe a bit of encouragement.

While HighTechXL is focused on deep tech venture building, we're happy to talk to all startup teams during SmartConnect. HighTechXL executives and team members have decades of experience building businesses. They’ve seen it all and done it all … and they’re giving all that institutional knowledge away. For free!

SmartConnect is an informal meeting of minds, so do NOT wear a tie. Brainstorm with expert pools to get detailed feedback about where you are in the process of building your company.

So, get ready to get smart and get connected … which any investor will tell you is an essential step toward success.

Roundtables are set up with experts on finance, IP, team building, business plans and other topics, and teams rotate through the evening. The roundtable format gives each group about 20 minutes with each expert panel.

The HighTechXL team and community experts include:

• Edzard Janssens and John Reid on storytelling and pitching

• Luis Oliveira, Eric Broekhuizen and Guus Frericks on business plans

• Betsy Lindsey on finance and investor relations

• Hans Helsloot and Freek Smith on IP

• Maron Galama on trademark

• Terry and Cheryl Boyd on marketing

So we can better understand your startup, please submit your one-pager/executive summary to The event starts at 16:00 and runs until 18:30, followed by drinks, snacks and networking.


High Tech Campus 27

5656 AE Eindhoven