Meet the HighTechXL Program Management Team

October 2020

HighTechXL is embarking on another “first,” this time participating in a new way of investing in deep-tech ventures. Join us for this exciting event to learn more about the important role HighTechXL will play as Program Manager.

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The details:

We are partnering with nx'change, the next generation stock exchange. The exchange is a fully regulated market and full-service exchange platform for tokenized securities and digital assets.

HighTechXL will have its own vertical, a “basket” of 30 deep-tech ventures in which institutional investors and retail investors can buy shares, diversifying their portfolio and thereby reducing risk.

Ventures receive much needed funding – only disbursed after meeting critical milestones in the program – so they can focus all their efforts on building sustainable companies and making massive social impact.

HighTechXL will play a very important role as Program Manager of the vertical of deep-tech ventures, which includes several startups in our current cohort and alumni teams as well as companies in future cohorts.

On October 28, we invite you to meet the HighTechXL Program Management team:

  • Founder and Chief Growth Officer Guus Frericks
  • CEO John Bell
  • CTO Eddy Allefs
  • Program Director Toam Jaber
  • Team Dynamics Coach Esther Peeks
  • Tech Expert Stephane Mutz
  • Venture Journey specialist Sabine Bunt

The team will talk in more detail about the HighTechXL venture building program, how we source deep technologies, build teams around the technology and take the teams through the program and to the market.

This is an innovative way of providing sustainable finance for deep-tech ventures. As with anything new, we want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Register for the event here