June 2019

Get ready for the next HighTechXL FasTrackathon on Wednesday, June 26!

Join us for this half-day reverse-hackathon where we provide advanced technologies and recruit team members for the next crop of deep-tech ventures at HighTechXL.

Here’s the way it works:

We’ve sourced seven advanced technologies from CERN, Philips and TNO. You and your team will identify potential application areas, complete a business model canvas, and pitch your ideas at the end of the event. You can then decide to move forward with the team and possibly join the venture building program starting in September.

You can review the technologies below with links to the one-pagers. When you register, you will rank your preferred technologies, and we can place you on teams. Come to the event with your boldest, most bodacious ideas!

CERN Technologies:

Flame Detector: Highly sensitive flame and smoke detector.Supersensitive UV flame detectors developed at CERN in collaboration with Ecoledes Mines and Oxford Instruments. Semiconducting solid photocathodes or vapors with small ionization potential are used as the main photosensitive elements. See one-pager here.

Robotics: Modular and flexible robotic platform. CERNbot is a robotic platform developed at CERN for complex interventions in presence of hazards like ionization radiation or in harsh environments. It is a highly customizable platform that can receive up to two commercial robotic arms working together in a coordinated manner. See one-pager here.

Fiber Optic Dosimetry: Measuring radiation with an optical fiber sensor. FiberOptic Dosimetry is a technology where an optical fiber is placed at a location where radiation needs to be measured. The optical fiber becomes locally damaged by the radiation. By sending a light pulse through the optical fiber, the amount of radiation and the location can be measured by the reflection off the local damage of the fiber. See one-pager here.

TNO Technologies:

Printed Electronics & Sensors: Placing sensors in clothing  or any useable object. This technology allows you to print and place a sensor in almost any flexible substrate possible. This makes it possible to measure temperature, humidity, pressure and strain in either wearable devices or inside any object. See one-pager here.

Laser Induced Forward Transfer(LIFT): Laser assisted printing of almost any material onto surfaces. The laser breaks a material up into small pieces and directs the material to the surface. This allows 3D printing with extreme precision due to the high resolution obtained with laser scanning applications.See one-pager here.

Philips Technologies:

Neurofeedback: Audio EEG neurofeedback relaxation technique. Neurofeedback is a biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity, using electroencephalography (EEG). Your brain can be in different states of activity, sending out brain waves like beta waves (stress) or alpha waves(calm). See one-pager here.

Sleep Pacer: Breath pacer that facilitates falling asleep. The sleep pacer isa handheld device combining two technologies. The handheld device provides tactile feedback, by sending out intuitive, silent tactile cues. Breathing guidance algorithms are developed that are adaptive to the actual respiratory characteristics of the user. See one-pager here.

FasTrackathon is NOT just for techies! We need skills from many domains – entrepreneurs, physicists, engineers, market researchers, operations experts, and marketing and business professionals. We want people with an affinity for tech and need the finest entrepreneurial minds in the land.

We are recruiting teams per technology, but we’re flexible … participate just for this event or join a venture-building team to co-found a company.

FasTrackathon is set for 26 June, 9:00-12:00, at HighTechXL, Building 27, High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Pre-register today for this cool event!


High Tech Campus 27

5656 AE Eindhoven