Selection Day

Casting Day: HighTechXL Internship Program

March 2019

HighTechXL Internship Program


At HighTechXL, we search for the latest deep tech, working with CERN and other tech companies to build ventures around their technology and take it to market.


We developed the HighTechXL Internship Program, a personal and professional development program for students in the 3rd-year or final year of their physics, innovation sciences, engineering or business study at university.

Interns will work with startup teams on diverse assignments, giving them an in-depth view of deep tech in our accelerator program. Next to that you might be involved in other projects such as organizing events, supporting corporate projects or working on tooling development. Interns will also visit some of Eindhoven’s industry-dominant tech companies for day-long immersion in their corporate cultures.

We assign a mentor for valuable one-on-one personal development guidance, and we pair you with a HighTechXL buddy who will help you feel at home on our diverse, multicultural team. 

The paid internship lasts three to six months, and interns work a minimum of 24 hours per week.

Who we’re looking for:

·     Technology-driven 3rd-year or last year university students with an entrepreneurial mindset

·     Students focused on innovation and making a social impact

·     Ambitious people with agile, independent working styles

·     Deep-thinkers open to cross-discipline assignments

·     Personalities who are happy on a dynamic, multicultural team


What’s in it for you:

·     Exposure to with CERN technology and other tech sources

·     Close-up view of innovative cultures: startup, corporate, deep tech

·     An engaging learning environment that allows you to become the professional of the future

·     The opportunity to advance from the internship program to the traineeship program

·     A paid internship

·     A cool workplace: High Tech Campus, the smartest square kilometer on earth

·     A stand-out addition to your CV


Casting Day is set for Friday, March 15 from 13:30-17:00 at High Tech Plaza, Building 27, on High TechCampus.

Send your CV to



High Tech Campus 27

5656 AE Eindhoven