Veridis: LICD Research Internship

Company Information
Veridis has the ambitious goal to create a better future for humanity and the planet. Our mission is to deliver key recycling technologies to advance the transition to a circular economy. We are trying to create a place of work where scientists and engineers can develop technical opportunities for the benefit of society and climate. To achieve these objectives, we are offering an internship with flexible working hours, an informal atmosphere and a lot of independence and responsibility.

Veridis is a deep-tech startup developing a novel instrument to improve quality control in plastic recycling: MAssive DSC ANalysis (MADSCAN). This MADSCAN technology is based on Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), a thermal analysis technique. DSC can be used to analyse plastics/polymers to give a material characterization (material type, degradation, etc.). With our MADSCAN technology, we scale up the sample size of a DSC by a factor 100.000. This allows us to give a representative analysis of large batches of plastics, thereby increasing the relevance to the recycling industry. With this method, we are able to analyse dark plastics, detect material degradation, and, most importantly, we directly increase the commercial value of recycled plastics.

Assignment Description
Within this internship you will be working on a research project specifically initiated for the thermal measurement module of the MADSCAN technology. The main focus will be the optimization of the process of laser induced copper deposition (LICD) on a variety of temperature-resistant substrates. This process can be used to deposit a thin copper layer on a substrate with a custom designed pattern, which is suitable for various technical applications such as a custom temperature sensor array for the MADSCAN technology. Next to the electrical aspects, the copper formate ink is important as well, because without a proper synthesis, a proper deposition is impossible. However, the synthesis process has largely been practiced at the company already, so the optimization is more important here.

This internship assignment allows you to have an impact on the improvement of plastic recycling and therefore on the circular transition as a whole. Because of the multidisciplinary startup environment, you will learn a lot from different disciplines. And most importantly, you will develop your experimental research skills significantly by working independently on a challenging project with the rest of the team to give unique insights to help you. Finally, if the internship works out well, we are always interested in considering extending your stay with us or even taking you on board as an employee.

Intern Profile
You are a creative and curious person who is not afraid of a challenge and working with the inherent uncertainty that novel technological development brings. You like taking initiative and contributing new ideas. You have high standards with the ability to dive deep, critically evaluate the work of yourself and others, and relate the research you are performing to the relevant technological requirements. You are able to analyse data at an academic level and are capable of communicating the results, problems and next steps clearly.

Preferences (not requirements):
• Basic chemistry experience (also supported in the team)
• Previous use of lasers (or laser engravers)

• Basic knowledge of electrical circuits/problems

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