Tarucca: Chief Technology Officer

Tarucca is a deep-tech venture developing technology to monitor wind park operations for maintenance and efficiency.

We use a hardware platform with photonic integrated circuit sensors and software algorithms. Our structural health monitoring system for wind turbine blades helps wind park operators increase electricity production and decrease O&M costs by reducing the inspection and repair down-time during windy weather conditions.  

Tarucca has a career opportunity for motivated, qualified aspiring CTOs.



• The CTO oversees systems integration and system design while working with development partners. 

• He or she will oversee the process of sourcing technology with special attention to specifications. 

Qualifications and required personaltraits:

• affinity for IoT and AI software development and data management

•proven success in project management

•proven negotiating skills

•a record of running trials/tests          

•an extensive industry network

•an understanding of composites and renewable energy

•familiarity with IP processes

•be available at least 50 percent of the workday

•be a team player and fit well in the Tarucca culture 


An engineering or management degree. Certification in wind energy is an advantage but not a hard requirement.

Are you hands-on, intelligent, a team player, giving a helping hand wherever needed, eager to be part of an early-stage startup, looking forward to shaping this role, with a university (WO/HBO) degree, and just a nice person to work with overall?

Do you recognize yourself in our values: Practical, Open-minded, Excellence, Respect, Fairness, Trust and Innovative?

Do you also believe in the power of innovation to deliver on our responsibility to make our world a more sustainable place to live?

Do you want to be part of a successful team that aims to save 377k metric tons of CO2 by 2025?

Do you welcome the idea that your remuneration will, after a probation period, be shareholding until we secure sufficient seed funding?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, let’s talk. In the end it is essential there is a good “click” between you and Tarucca team members.

Contact us at LetsTalk@tarucca.com with the information you deem fit.

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