inPhocal: Graduate Physics Interns

Deep-tech venture inPhocal is developing a new laser marking technology for coding processes in industrial production lines or personalizing laser marked hardware. The inPhocal technology is based on a revolutionary laser beam that features a very long focus.

What makes inPhocal Laser Technology unique:

  • Faster production lines
  • Larger print
  • Laser marking on curved surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Ink-free printing
  • No additional cost on consumables
  • Environment-friendly coding technology

For more information please visit our website, LinkedIn page and watch our CEO’s pitch.


  • Most of the work is going to be conducted at the lab of inPhocal partner in Waddinxveen.
  • Experiments with high power lasers and optical systems will be conducted.
  • One project involves the development of a production-ready laser system.
  • One project involves laser marking on 3D surfaces, which is possible due to our long focus.


  • Physics student
  • Sufficient knowledge of optics and light propagation
  • The work will consist of performing practical experiments as well as developing methods for implementing the prototype inside a real working environment.
  • Interest in working and doing internship at a fast-moving startup with high ambitions

If all are interesting for you and you would like to join our team, please send an email with your CV to

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