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about the journey

Our Story

F ounded in 2015, at HighTechXL we believe innovation is an answer for the grand challenges of the world, and that anyone with a good idea of making a positive impact, should be empowered to make it a reality.

We started in Eindhoven, a region focused on R&D and high tech business, where the normal accelerator model would not cut it for the hardware startups. By partnering with the big companies in the region, we developed a 3 month acceleration program specialized to support hardware startups to go from prototype to market.
Next step was to try out this program with corporate teams - projects that have top priority or need a re-scoping. Also here we validate their business in 3 months and build an entrepreneurial mindset whilst doing that.

HighTechXL empowers those within or outside of a company to turn their ideas into a reality - to make an impact. We support them in developing the skills, learning the method and using the right tools necessary to grow their business.

about values

Our Mission

Through enabling innovation and fostering entrepreneurship, we are committed to make a positive impact on the grand challenges the world is facing today and contribute to creating a better future for the next
generations.  We believe these goals can be achieved by empowering and inspiring individuals to reach beyond the maximum of their potential who in turn inspire others to do the same.

Our I N S P I R E D values
We accelerate IMPACT projects by mobilizing our global NETWORK working at hyper SPEED with great PASSION for teamwork and INNOVATION taking full RESPONSIBILITY feeling EMPOWERED being very proud members of a true DIVERSE community.

About People

The Team That Makes
The Dream Work

At the heart of our company, it's the people. We are a bunch of diverse individuals that together make everything happen. We are passionate, caring, resilient but above all - fun people.


A Global Platform

To support scale-ups and multinational companies in different markets


The Netherlands

Located at the High Tech Campus where more than 12,000 researchers, engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs are creating the technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow.


High Tech Campus 27 5656 AE, Eindhoven

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We collaborate closely with our Chinese partner XNode at their location in Zhangjiang. The Zhangjiang Park is a technological landmark and major hub of innovation in Shanghai and in China.


Naxian Road 800, 4F Pudong, Shanghai

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High Tech Campus 27, 5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


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