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We build deep-tech ventures that address grand societal challenges. We truly believe anyone with the ambition to improve the lives of others deserves the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. We are passionate about sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build high-performance, deep-tech ventures so they become the region’s fastest-growing companies. HTXL believes a diverse team is crucial to a startup’s success, and openness and diversity is evident on every level at HighTechXL: culture, age and gender. Our team has a male-female ratio of 55/45 with six nationalities represented. We have cultivated a Dream Team of individuals who, together, make everything happen. We are passionate, caring, resilient and – above all – fun people who choose to work on complex things that matter.


We mobilize our global network of industry experts to help build fast-growing companies. We are committed to teamwork and accelerating innovation. We work at hyper-speed to launch startups to the marketplace because their solutions are what the world needs NOW. We don’t shy away from complex things that matter. We believe in making great social impact. We leverage the Eindhoven region’s vast network and knowledge of industry tech experts. We are proud of our truly diverse, international community.

About People

The Team That Makes
The Dream Work

At the heart of our company, it's the people. We are a bunch of diverse individuals that together make everything happen. We are passionate, caring, resilient but above all - fun people.

Location: THE WORLD

A Global Platform

If asked where we were located in 2019, we would have said Eindhoven and Shanghai. But everything changed in 2020 when we went beyond the limitations of physical locations. With the coronavirus pandemic, we can honestly say we have a global platform.  Starting with FasTrackathon in March 2020, we have welcomed more than 300 individuals from more than 25 countries to our online events. We moved our venture building program completely online ... and just kept innovating. Despite lockdown measures, we’ve built 15 deep-tech ventures in one year, many of whom do not meet in person and some who have never met team members. We think this is a silver lining, an unexpected but welcome expansion. We now welcome tech talent, entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe to join us in building ventures with great societal impact.


The Netherlands

Located at the High Tech Campus where more than 12,000 researchers, engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs are creating the technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow.


High Tech Campus 27
5656 AE, Eindhoven

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We collaborate closely with our Chinese partner XNode at their location in Zhangjiang. The Zhangjiang Park is a technological landmark and major hub of innovation in Shanghai and in China.


5F, Overseas Chinese Mansion
129 West YanAn Road
JingAn District,
Shanghai, PR China

Naxian Road 800
4F Pudong
Shanghai, China

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High Tech Campus 27
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands




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