March 16, 2017 - Eindhoven
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XL Day is the place where a new generation of emerging high-tech startups launch, and where older generations of innovators share their successes. HighTechXL brings the entire industry – startups, investors, corporations, and decision-makers – under one roof for a peek into the technology-enabled future.


From introducing VR to the optometrist’s practice to giving independence to the blind, the latest batch of HighTechXL innovators defy conventional boundaries.

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HighTechXL Alumni

Where are they now?

Everyone wonders what happens to the high-profile startups that launch at XL DAY every year. We follow them every step of the way, and bring them back on stage to celebrate their achievements. Watch some of the most successful stories return to XL DAY.

It’s an event with an amazing vibe and atmosphere.
Bert-Jan Woertman
Marketing Director High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Stupendous, wonderful!
Krishna Sreerambhatla
Former Director New Business Development, ASML
Everybody loved seeing what the alumni from previous editions had achieved.
Patrick Gabriels
Partner EY
Real Investment Opportunities
XL DAY is the culminating event at the end of our four-month acceleration program. In this program, startups are thoroughly prepared to become market-ready, customer-ready, and most important of all - investor-ready. At the end, we give them the podium to deliver an ace pitch.
Product Demos
Alongside world-class pitches, our startups
get a chance to demonstrate
their technology in action.
Live Crowdfunding
As an audience member, you decide which startup has the potential to become the next rising star. We provide you with a virtual wallet of €1 million and the possibility to invest a maximum amount of €100.000 in each startup.
Our events attract an audience of as many as as 1000 guests.
200 of these guests are investors, 71% are decision-makers within their industry, and many are government officials and journalists.

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