Wout Bobbink

Acceleration Manager

Wout is a true child of the HighTechXL accelerator program. In 2014, while finishing his Master’s degree in International Business & Economics, he did an internship at HighTechXL, while at the same time spending a few months as an intern at HighTechXL’s co-founding partner EY.

After finishing his internships and obtaining his masters degree cum laude, EY asked him to come over to Eindhoven to start his career as an advisor in financial accounting advisory services. He responded that he would gladly accept the offer, “But only if he could be involved with HighTechXL!”.

Since 2014, Wout has been  working with HighTechXL, but also with several other start-up initiatives at EY. He has gained experience through being a part of the selection process for HighTechXL teams, and through coaching the teams throughout the program. His background at EY allows him to provide entrepreneurs with valuable insights on the cash, fiscal, and legal issues that every startup company faces. But you can also ask him for second opinions on business decisions or advice on pitching – something he has been doing a lot since becoming the co-founder of his own startup with three of his EY colleagues.

Wout is an internationally-oriented guy, and has lived in Hong Kong and traveled through South America during his studies. He speaks fluent Dutch and English and can manage quite well in Spanish, proven by the fact he did an on-stage karaoke performance of Juanes’ La Camisa Negra in the Hard Rock Café in Medellin, Colombia. “Piece of cake”, you think? Try out here! So yes, you can also book him for stage performances (impersonations of Justin Bieber are his favorite).