Vasilis Konstantoudakis

Design Lead

Vasilis is our lead designer, and carries the brand’s visual development and consistency throughout our various projects and platforms. With a flair for imaginative visual identities and a rich understanding of marketing principles, he has helped dozens of startups and other companies to create attractive brands that accurately embody their values and speak volumes to their clients.

Vasilis has an extensive background in culturally-targeted productions through various media platforms. He carried out the creative direction for the Athens International Airport’s culture program for 2013-2014. He has also worked on projects alongside some of Greece’s largest international companies such as Germanos Telecommunications V.C. and Athinaiki Zythopoiia V.C., designing web apps, magazines and social media brand campaigns. He has worked on above- and below-the-line projects serving as a creative and art director in Greece, Chile, and the Netherlands.

Vasilis speaks Greek and English. As a true Greek rebel soul, he is the co-founder of the experimental music label and the underground clandestine foodie project “Underdining”.