Thibaut Decré

Acceleration Manager

Thibaut is a truly pan-European citizen. Born in Brussels to a German mother and a Belgian father, he grew up in Eindhoven and later returned to Brussels to attend the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), where he received his master’s degree in architecture with distinction.

However, his interest and abilities span much more than just architecture. Exhibiting an ability to work under tight deadlines on an extraordinarily little amount of sleep, he has worked several internships and now works for HighTechXL, discovering how to apply the skills learnt during his studies to areas outside of architecture. He is skilled in communicating a message not only in different languages (he speaks French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish), but to people of different industry backgrounds. A thirst for knowledge and discovery of new languages, cultures, and ways of thinking is what drives Thibaut.

A little-known fact about Thibaut is that he also practices Historical European Martial Arts, which also means that he occasionally dresses up like a knight and engages in role-playing (yes, you read that correctly).

He applies his creative thinking and organizational skills in projects across the different HighTechXL programs, from conception to planning and execution. Teamwork is what it’s all about. In the end, what inspires him most is when a collective effort makes a plan come together, and creates something everybody’s truly proud of.