Sophia Kirova

Marketing Lead HighTechXL Accelerator

Sophia’s main responsibility is to make sure you understand what we are all about, and that we understand you. Besides taking care of the brand, Sophia also helps the HighTechXL startups to kick-start their marketing efforts, initiating them into the basic principles of branding, online presence, and content writing. Because actually, working with the startups is what she enjoys most.

Sophia started off her professional life as a project manager in the documentary film industry. There she discovered the fascinating power of connecting the different concepts that populate our cultures, books, and virtual worlds to create moving stories about people for people.

Led by her newly-discovered curiosity about the inner workings of society, Sophia found herself in the Netherlands doing a master’s degree in communication and cultural studies. After graduation, she entered the world of marketing at the Dutch travel startup Withlocals. Armed with both marketing skills and customer empathy, she stepped into our team as a marketing and content specialist in the summer of 2014. A one-woman army, she took ownership of building and executing the content strategy of the company, in addition to managing the social media channels. She designed and promoted industry events of crucial importance to the accelerator, such as a series of Investor Demo Days, the last of which saw nearly 1,000 high-profile guests attend. In addition, she helped 40 hardware startups shape and get their message across.  

Born and raised on the Black Sea coast, Sophia grew up loving the pristine masterpieces of Mother Nature. Whenever she is not working on something, you can find her conquering a summit or enjoying the sea breeze on a beach. Having lived in three countries and two large European capitals, she enjoys both the bustle of big-city life as well as the tranquility of the desolate yet inviting countryside. A true language and culture lover, Sophia speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and her mother tongue – Bulgarian. She is always playing with notions that easily appeal to people’s imaginations: Sometimes explaining technology with references to martial arts, and sometimes invoking the wisdom of a folk proverb.