Nikki Schreurs

Operations and Event Manager

Nikki has participated in multiple accelerator programs so far, in event organization, operations management, and mentor engagement. Before joining the startup world, she enjoyed an acclaimed career as a professional handball player for German clubs and for the Dutch national team.

Nikki was born in the Netherlands, but her German is equally as fluent as her Dutch, having spent 15 years of her life in Germany. While living in Germany and playing handball, she studied business and economics at the Randstad Topsport Academy, and she also worked as an event manager at the German bank Finanz Informatik, and as a team manager and trainer for a handball club.

Nikki is a team player and a hard worker through and through. Her fellow HighTechXL teammates have quickly learned that if they want something to get done, Nikki is the perfect person to ask. She plays to win, and applies the same approach to her work. Just as she always played to win at the highest level in handball, she is striving for excellence in her job as well. She believes that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and is skilled at maintaining her cool under pressure. She also relishes the opportunity to learn and grow in what she does at HighTechXL.