Luuk Eliens

Corporate Program Manager

Luuk is a profound believer that the only real way to tackle the global challenges our world faces is through innovation. He therefore loves spending his time supporting startup founders, since they are, after all, the ones who make change happen. He has been an entrepreneur himself since he was 17. Now, nine years later, he has already started three companies, and sold one. What gets Luuk out of bed in the morning is the prospect of having a positive impact on the world, and doing his part to make it just a bit better.

Luuk completed his Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and his Master in Innovation Management at the University of Porto, Portugal. Since graduating, he has co-founded the companies Bearded Tree, Excellent Student, and Crowbar. He’s currently working as Innovation Manager at EY, setting up Innovate EY, an internal innovation program.

Luuk is driven by innovation: He has been infected by the “entrepreneurial virus”, so we should expect another company from him sometime in the future…

He has many interests besides innovation and working with startups, however, including race-cycling. He also considers himself to be an amateur philosopher.

Luuk is Dutch but has lived in Australia, New-Zealand, Spain, and Portugal, and speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.