Eric Broekhuizen

COO and Program Director

Eric is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of international experience in business leadership in the high tech domain.

Once upon a time (OK just kidding), Eric completed his master of science degree at the University of Groningen in solid-state chemistry, with a minor in business administration. He was an officer in the Royal Dutch Army for over a year before moving on to begin his career at Philips Semiconductors. He started out as a development engineer and production supervisor at Philips Semiconductors, then moved on to become the senior director of the RF Waterfab. He then switched focus areas to become the senior director of EMEA sales operations, with teams in Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Hamburg, London, and Eindhoven. In his final role at the company, he moved to Taipei, Taiwan to become the senior director of global customer service and global supply chain planning, with teams in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. In the meantime, he completed an executive program at Wharton Business School.

After 20 years at Philips Semiconductors, Eric decided to move on to something different, and found his passion in working with startups. He enjoys leading and supporting competitive entrepreneurs and business teams, focusing on lasting growth and improvement in business. He speaks Dutch, English, and German. He is always up for some fun along the way, and is known for his wise and witty truisms.