Eddy Allefs

CTO in Residence

Eddy Allefs is a senior (R&D) manager with an educational background in electronics and business administration. He has experience in many different technology domains, such as mechatronics, computer vision, power electronics, EMC, and signal processing.

Eddy likes to work in dynamic and business-oriented environments, where a demand exists to grow and industrialize while adding the required structures to sustain growth. By doing so, he connects different entities to each other (R&D, suppliers, purchasing, manufacturing, sales) in order to get the system working.

He likes to work with people, coaching and stimulating them in order to get the maximum out of their career, which serves the company as well. He can analyse situations fast, both at the system and detail level and possesses a decisive attitude. The above is typically found in small self-contained entities that are part of a larger organization, or in startup-type companies.

Since its start, Eddy has been involved as technology mentor in the HighTechXL program.