Anique Soetermeer

Corporate and Partner Relations

Anique is a driver of innovation within organizations. She’s been an active part of the management team of HighTechXL for the past three years, creating meaningful and lasting partnerships with important stakeholders. She was also instrumental in founding Startupbootcamp Smart Materials, the first business accelerator in the world for advanced materials, on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Geleen, the Netherlands. There she served as the managing director, building up a strong program that later became the Brightlands Innovation Factory, and paving the way for others after her.

Anique’s roots in innovation run deep: She started her own company more than 10 years ago, offering recruitment and HR advice and talent management for larger companies. She has also had her own consultancy company.

What really makes her tick? Her true passion is driving cultural change and innovation in organizations. She enjoys bringing two seemingly opposing concepts together – startups and large corporations, for the mutual benefit of both. That’s why over the past few years, she’s been driving HighTechXL’s collaboration with various corporates, including ABN AMRO and Philips. This collaboration has led to the development of both internal innovation programs, where ideas are generated and driven from within the company, and launchpad programs, where external startups have the opportunity to launch their products through the partner company.

Anique holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and accountancy from Tilburg University, and a master’s degree in international management, focusing on consultancy and change management, from Maastricht University. After her master’s, she started working in management consulting at Deloitte (previously Arthur Andersen), Mercedes – Benz and the Human Capital Group, where she learned in practice how to implement organizational development in a sustainable way, both from a strategic and content point of view and from a process and project management point of view. Her experience working with both regional cooperatives and clients such as DSM, the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, and the Province of Limburg has enabled her to build a lasting network and gain experience in specific political contexts, handling complex issues.

Anique enjoys getting things done, and enabling collaboration between people who may originally have opposing views. She looks out for the common ground and listens to everyone’s concerns and questions of “what’s in it for me?” and skillfully helps them to arrive at a solution that satisfies everyone. She seeks to make an impact on the world by motivating people to achieve their full potential and helping them to find a balance between structure and creativity.

Anique is from Maastricht, the Netherlands, and speaks Dutch, English, German, and Limburgs.