In the 21st century, posture and fitness problems are becoming a permanent part of our lives. We all know that our minds can change our bodies, but it is also true that our bodies can change our minds. Our internal state can be influenced by our our body language. By improving our posture into a more upright and confident position, we can influence our thoughts, feelings, and even our physiology. Paó helps the user to grow into a better version of him or herself in a beautiful, fashionable way. Paó is a compact wearable device that tracks multiple posture and activity-related metrics, and interprets these normally isolated data in order to deliver a more detailed and comprehensive picture. It helps the user change his or her attitude, behavior, and mood. We believe that what we as people need is not just plain technological devices, but empathetic, beautiful devices that can become true companions in our endeavor for self-awareness.