Bambi Medical


Premature babies are extremely vulnerable, and need to be kept warm and monitored at all times. Currently, preterm babies are monitored with an array of wires and electrodes attached to their skin, but this is not ideal for the babies. Their skin is thin and sensitive, so repositioning or removing the electrodes causes them pain and stress. The mass of wires and electrodes also prevents the babies from getting enough skin-to-skin contact with the mother. This Kangaroo Mother Care is crucial for the babies’ development in this critical period. Luckily, we have the solution: Our Bambi-BeltTM provides comfortable, non-intrusive wireless monitoring of preterm infants. The Bambi-BeltTM features soft textile electrodes that provide a gentle, mother-like touch to the baby’s skin. The electrodes send signals wirelessly to the patient monitor, allowing the parents to spend much more time in skin-to-skin contact with their baby. This in turn increases the speed of recovery, aids in the baby’s brain development, and reduces the length of the hospital stay. Ultimately, the use of the Bambi-BeltTM can bring down healthcare costs by more than €1B per year.