Changing Organizational Culture Bottom-up

An integral approach to corporate innovation

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HighTechXL partners with corporations to drive an internal cultural change: from an ’employee’ to a ‘leader‘ mindset. We set the scene within any organization to innovate itself.

We leverage the in-depth knowledge of an organization’s existing talent and empower employees to create new business opportunities, while co-working with external startups to quickly adopt a more agile and independent perspective.

Start Your Own Innovation Engine

Stay relevant for your shareholders and clients
Keep ahead of competition
Boost internal morale and employee engagement
Seize new business opportunities
Diversify your service portfolio
Become more resilient with a startup mentality
Capitalize on Your Existing Talent

Your employees possess a richer skill set than the one required for their job. We help you unlock their full repertoire of inventive power and elevate it into your organization’s growth.

Innovate Faster

Embracing the startup approach is the first step to becoming more resilient. We help you build a culture of entrepreneurship and a system to fast-track your innovations to the marketplace.

Scale Your Service Portfolio

Today it isn’t enough to outperform competition. With the HighTechXL Launchpad programs you can effectively attract emerging startups and implement external innovations to influence your industry and win new markets.

How it Works

We forged an open innovation ecosystem where the strengths of both the startup and corporate worlds complement each other to create new and sustainable business opportunities.
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Step #1 Identify

The first step to corporate innovation is to identify those employees with an entrepreneurial calling, or intrapreneurs. To do this, employees are stimulated to generate ideas, and then asked to commit to developing that idea within the organization, validate the problem, build a venture team, find ambassadors and see it through – a kind of your own R&D department.

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Step #2 Accelerate

The next step focuses on building a business or a revenue-generating product line. The intrapreneurs are guided to move fast from their prototype to a fully-fledged product through a hands-on program, based on the proven HighTechXL Startup Accelerator model, which is designed to get teams to launch onto the market.

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Step #3 Scale

The last step is to invest in rapid growth. Our approach to this phase is twofold: help the advanced in-corporate ventures connect to important industry partners and networks in order to “launch” their product to a larger customer base and scale-up their venture, and simultaneously attract external emerging scaleups to join a Launchpad program.

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Connect with Exceptional Startups in your Industry

See new business models earlier and collaborate with fast-growing companies through the HighTechXL Launchpad program. In this way, your organization can quickly roll out new products or services to its clients, while acting as a launchpad for emerging startups in your industry. The Launchpad is the phase when external entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs meet to lend each other's perspective in order to maximize cross-learning.

A proven methodology

For the past 3 years, HighTechXL has successfully accelerated 49 hardware startups. We took our proven methodology and applied it to the corporate environment: in the last year alone, we accelerated 60 in-corporate ventures. Two of these are already generating revenue, and all 60 would recommend the experience to their colleagues.

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