To Cycle Again: BerkelBike’s Transformative Solution for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

In this interview with BerkelBike CEO Rik Berkelmans, we learn that miracles are indeed possible. A devastating spinal cord injury has been the source of inspiration for a solution that has already had a positive effect on hundreds of people’s lives.   Imagine: You’re a bright-eyed and energetic teenager who’s into sports. You love posting […]

“Disease Sees No Borders” – Crossing the Atlantic to Become a Global Player in Medical with the Philips Innovation Challenge

  While “corporate launchpad” tops the list of clichés in startup parlance, it’s no secret that pioneering companies stay ahead of the game only because they remain true to their core: Innovation first. That’s why Philips Research, HighTechXL, and Get in the Ring joined forces to connect the most impactful innovators in medical technology with […]