SPORTS AND SENSORS: 14 Hardware Startups Enter HighTechXL’s Fall 2016 Program

  “Come on, guys, we have only 6 minutes left and a room packed with people waiting for us.” interrupted Guus. Some 15 people were gathered in the “war room” – the place where HighTechXL’s shareholders decide which startups get a thumbs-up for the next acceleration program and which go home. It was 17:54 and […]

XL DAY 2016: If You Had to Remember 5 Things…

  “Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg!” – A Dutch phrase that translates into something like, “Just act normal, because then you’re acting crazy enough as it is!” Our CEO, Guus Frericks, quoted this phrase during his opening speech at XL Day last week. He was referring with frustration to the fact […]

Amber Mobility: Highway to Freedom, Part 2: Introducing the Amber One

  In our previous article on Amber Mobility, we introduced this young e-automotive company’s revolutionary idea that will change how we view car ownership forever: Guaranteed Mobility. But it doesn’t end there. It takes a special type of vehicle to become the best on-demand electric car. It didn’t exist yet, so they built it. In […]