Ovao: A Virtual Coach for Swimmers

Ovao has developed a unique solution that helps swimmers bridge the gap between “swimming for fun” and swimming professionally. In this interview with Aldas Juronis, CEO, and Kamilė Butkevičiūtė, CMO, we learn about their goggle attachment that acts as a virtual coach for swimmers.   Calories, steps, heart-rate – fitness enthusiasts like to keep track […]

To Cycle Again: BerkelBike’s Transformative Solution for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

In this interview with BerkelBike CEO Rik Berkelmans, we learn that miracles are indeed possible. A devastating spinal cord injury has been the source of inspiration for a solution that has already had a positive effect on hundreds of people’s lives.   Imagine: You’re a bright-eyed and energetic teenager who’s into sports. You love posting […]

SPORTS AND SENSORS: 14 Hardware Startups Enter HighTechXL’s Fall 2016 Program

  “Come on, guys, we have only 6 minutes left and a room packed with people waiting for us.” interrupted Guus. Some 15 people were gathered in the “war room” – the place where HighTechXL’s shareholders decide which startups get a thumbs-up for the next acceleration program and which go home. It was 17:54 and […]