15 Startups and 20 Scaling Companies Join the HighTechXL Fall 2017 Accelerator and Corporate Launchpad Programs

Over 70 Early-stage and Advanced Companies Sought Scaling Opportunities in The Netherlands during the HighTechXL Impact Summit: a three-day technology conference by HighTechXL and Get in the Ring in collaboration with ABN AMRO bank, ASML, EY, NTS-Group, and Philips. 15 early-stage startups and 20 scaling companies were selected to join the HighTechXL Fall 2017 accelerator program and corporate launchpad programs, starting this September in Eindhoven. Here are their names.



On the sultry morning of July 9th, we opened the doors of the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven to 75 startups and scale-ups coming from 23 different countries around the world: from sunny Australia to picturesque Norway.

The young companies were selected from over 5000 companies to participate in the Impact Summit – our new and joint technology conference which matches startups with industry experts, corporate executives, and investors in three tracks: MedTech, HighTech, and FinTech.

In the good and supportive spirit of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, we took care that everyone felt properly welcomed, at ease and at home on the very first day of the event:


Participating startups competed in three technology tracks, each linked to a member of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance: MedTech with Philips, HighTech with ASML and NTS Group, and Fintech with ABN AMRO and EY. In each track, the young companies were matched with a corporation that could help them or even become a launching customer.

Founders were given the opportunity to assess the fit of their business and technology propositions against the corporate’s during 1-1 individual meetings with executives and innovation managers. Next to that, they met the industry experts and investors who form the mentor pool of the HighTechXL accelerator.

During those conversations, 15 early-stage startups and 20 scaling companies immensely impressed the jury and were selected to join the HighTechXL accelerator and corporate launchpad programs. Here are their names:


HighTechXL Accelerator



MedTech | United States

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Heartin

Heartin develops and sells a unique diagnostic and consultative 3-level remote cardio service: 1 lead and 12 lead portable CGs, Garment with built-in textile electrodes, mobile applications (Cardio and Fitness) and Cloud Service. It is designed to help both healthy people (especially our Fitness line), and patients with cardiovascular disease.


Aerobit Health Ltd.

MedTech | United Kingdom

Aerobit Health is an asthma management platform integrating smart hardware, software and big data analytics. We’re driven to reduce the unnecessary misery and skyrocketing costs this chronic disease taxes our society with.



MedTech | South Korea

ONE SMARTDIET is the portable body fat measurement device. The device measures body fat through 4 contact electrodes with BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), and is supported by a mobile application, which is available through both Google Play store and Apple App store. It’s high measure accuracy has been verified in comparison with other medical product.



MedTech | South Korea

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Blureo

Bluereo Inc. is an assistive device manufacturing company with a strong vision. Our first product OralClean’ is an assistive device for the physically challenged people: patients, children, seniors, and the disabled. Reduces physical and mental fatigue for both the caregivers and the receivers. Our innovative product prevents the physically challenged people from spilling or swallowing the gargled water during or after brushing teeth.


Project Ipsilon

MedTech | The Netherlands

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Project Ipsilon

Project Ipsilon offers quantitative cognitive testing app for smartphone compatible with mobile VR (virtual reality) headset. Additional EEG sensors are added to the VR headset and display the visual stimuli (spatial-motor instruction) to the mobile screen in the VR. The haptic device is bluetooth connected and run with MIDI (time stamped) and we analyze brainwave and haptic responses with computer vision.  We are also working on therapeutic app using the same sensor attachment for help regulate sleep cycles, reduce anxiety and induce visual attention, especially for non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (the hypothesis behind our therapeutic app is based on dopamine/ noreadrenaline manipulation).



MedTech | Italy

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Liquidweb

BrainControl is a framework based on Artificial Intelligence for human-machine interaction through biofeedbacks. Its first application was addressed as BCI-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), a sort“mental joystick”, allowing to overcome severe physical and communicative disabilities.


Asymmetric Medical

MedTech | Israel

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Asymmetric Medical

Asymmetric’s goal is to bring the benefits of laser energy to clinicians, creating intuitive and simple to use medical tools which fit the precise needs of the procedure, and thus lead to simpler and more effective treatments. The technology has a broad range of potential applications in the medical world, both in high margin cutting edge procedures and large volume/low margin procedures.



MedTech | Switzerland

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - 4quant

4Quant Ltd. is a medical artificial intelligence company which has recently spun-off from ETH Zurich and PSI. It offers disease-based decision support and computer-aided diagnosis solutions to radiologists and oncologists in hospitals and diagnostic centers worldwide, leading to a more evidence-based, streamlined, precise standard of medical care.


Dario Health

MedTech | Israel

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Dario

Dario Health is specialising in digital, user-centric solutions for people that are under chronic conditions. The technology leverages its exceptional data capabilities to create a personalised experience. Currenty, the company developing a personalised solution for people is with diabetes that includes personal digital coaching where blood glucose monitor is embedded into the overall solution.



FinTech | The Netherlands 

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - OPTNet BV

We offer an intelligent computing apparatus that solves otherwise unsolvable network security and operations riddles, untangling the most complex network issues on the planet, for companies where failure isn’t an option. Opt/Net works with telecoms firms, managed service providers, and cyber security outfits, specialising in major service disruptions, high risk production network issues and mission critical systems and applications.


Hakken Enterprise 

MedTech | Mexico 

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Hakken

Hakken Enterprise develops a non-invasive test, capable to detect both papilloma virus (HPV) infection and cancer propensity (cervical or prostate), simultaneously. The product reaches both male and female populations to improve the strategies to detect and treat the most prevalent cancers between men (prostate cancer) and women (cervical cancer). The impact of Kimera-testTM represents a new paradigm in the patient and health management, based on the patient genetic profile for cancer prevention and treatment at an affordable cost.



HighTech | Mexico

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Oppi

OPPI is dedicated to the modification of pigmentation processes for the optimization of the materials used in them. Our technology is focused on addressing problems in the usage of micro and nanoparticles of titanium dioxide in the paints industry. Our patented chemical process improves the dispersion of particle for optimal colour coverage. In the process, this contributes to the reduction of pollutants into our environment, and helps reduce production costs for companies.



HighTech | Israel

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Oreltech

OrelTech develops novel and cost-efficient conductive inks without nanoparticles that can be deposited with high precision onto a variety of surfaces, including semiconductors, composites, and organic materials.


Nordic Automation Systems

HighTech | Norway

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - Nordic Automation

Nordic Automation Systems creates water, heat, electricity and gas online metering solutions using LoRaWAN technology enable to reduce costs in meter data collection, discover leakages and help to optimise consumption to save scarce earth resources. Our full vertical offering including sensors, gateways and cloud platform enabling fast roll out.



HighTech | The Netherlands

HighTechXL Fall 2017 - TicTag

TicTag has developed a new connectivity technology (like QR and NFC) that connects the online with the offline world. Our smart stamp contains a digital fingerprint (multitouch pattern) that can be recognized by the screen of smartphone. Our first stamp is implemented as SaaS in several applications in The Netherlands and Dubai. We now are performing new R&D to create a <1mm thick smart tag (produced with the newest photonic roll-to-roll nano-silverprinters) that can be connected to every product, service or object to give it an online layer.


ABN AMRO Launchpad


DemystData is a software company that helps financial institutions harness the explosive growth of data to serve more customers. Access, match, and structure a myriad of data into a single platform to make the right customer decisions in real-time.

Tender Armor

Tender Armor is a fraud solutions company designed to protect payment card issuers and consumers from losses.


Akoni is a digital cash treasury manager, ensuring maximum returns through the portability of cash and cash management tools.


ForwardLane is creating the world’s leading B2B cognitive finance company that builds enterprise-scale strategic AI solutions for banking/wealth management, asset management and insurance.


Othera is a developer of blockchain platform solutions for financial services, specifically in the lending and the fixed income investment space.


GiniMachine uses raw (unprocessed) historical data of issued loans available at the moment of decision-making and final loan performance.


ShieldPay is a payment service provider and instant digital escrow service that enables secure transactions and payments between consumers all over the world.


Sofitto is the first card scheme in the world on Blockchain Rails. It merges Blockchain technology into a conventional banking card.


TRADERION is a simulated virtual learning bank powered by an advanced artificial intelligence. The technology combines artificial intelligence and gamification to create a platform where the candidates test and learn their knowledge in the same environment in which they will operate.


PayKey enables mobile users to transfer money to anyone within any social platform. At the core of PayKey’s Social Payments solution is the patent pending Mobile Payment KeyboardTM.


Solidware provides AI modeling tool DAVinCI LABS for finance companies such as banks, insurers, and credit card companies.


EY Launchpad


Stride applies AI and Natural Language Processing, to automate enterprise processes. With ability to mimic human decision making, Stride has helped large organizations reduces massive efforts and become more productive.


A virtual HR assistant who can answer all frequently asked HR questions, who can assist with the onboarding process or who can interactively monitor employees to get signals about motivation, engagement and happiness.


LexaTexer offers predictive analytics, to help corporations direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information (documents) with machine learning technology.


Othera is a developer of blockchain platform solutions for financial services, specifically in the lending and the fixed income investment space.


We offer an intelligent computing apparatus that solves otherwise unsolvable network security and operations riddles, untangling the most complex network issues on the planet, for companies where failure isn’t an option.


Philips Launchpad


The iSono Health platform combines automated ultrasound with artificial intelligence and cloud computation to empower women and their physicians with early detection and monitoring of breast cancer.


BIOMODEX is a Medtech company that helps surgeons to Validate their medical devices for Patient-specific treatments resulting in more Predictable clinical outcomes.


CancerAid PTY LTD has developed a smartphone application, CancerAid, to empower cancer patients and their caregivers.


Kuveda provide an automated evidence based clinical decision support & learning platform that takes in a patients unique genomic profile to produce personalized cancer treatment options.


Their journey will start on September 4, 2017. Follow HighTechXL’s Fall 2017 Program on Instagram.

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