SPORTS AND SENSORS: 14 Hardware Startups Enter HighTechXL’s Fall 2016 Program


“Come on, guys, we have only 6 minutes left and a room packed with people waiting for us.” interrupted Guus. Some 15 people were gathered in the “war room” – the place where HighTechXL’s shareholders decide which startups get a thumbs-up for the next acceleration program and which go home.

It was 17:54 and it was time to sign off the finalists. It had been four tough days of preparation, pitching and one-on-one table discussions. 22 startup teams traveled from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Brazil, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Russia to Eindhoven to take part in our pre-selection event – Impact Finals.

My colleague and I sat there with our PowerPoint presentation open: Agog with attention, sweaty palms, eyebrows locked together, absorbing the tension in the room, we were ready to remove the slides which read the names of the startup teams who had “tough luck”. “Let’s vote!” Guus concluded.


The Awards Ceremony at HighTechXL's Impact Finals Fall 2016
Guus Frericks, CEO of HighTechXL, ready to announce the finalists


Five minutes later we all rushed into the Conference center where mentors, startups, and the rest of our team were patiently waiting. Guus picked the microphone, climbed on stage and, after a short thank you note, proclaimed “To us, you are all winners!”. He then started announcing the finalists:


High-Tech Hardware



Trusted Digital Signature

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Crayonic

Crayonic makes signing of electronic documents as easy as the traditional handwritten, pen-and-paper way, yet even more secure than current state-of-the-art digital technologies. Crayonic is a system of two sophisticated technological products: a pen which converts handwritten signatures to a secure cryptographic digital signature or to biometric digital signature, and a mobile application that is able to securely exchange, view, sign and timestamp electronic documents according to the strictest EU standards




Virtual Reality solution for vision therapy

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Dreamz

Dreamz is a Virtual Reality solution for vision therapy that helps diagnose and speed up the treatment of amblyopia and strabismus in children. It consists of a headsets with hand-gesture control sensors to track hand-eye coordination tasks. Its interactive, immersive, 3D content is adapted for children who suffer from amblyopia, better known as lazy eye.



The Netherlands

Comforting care for preterm babies

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Hugsy

Hugsy is a comforting solution designed to enhance bonding between parents and their premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Hugsy is a new form of neuroprotective and developmental care for preterm babies that simulates Kangaroo Care by exposing babies to the parental heartbeat, smell, and supportive positioning while they are in the incubator.


KG Protech


Next generation automotive training

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - KG Protech

KP Protech makes quality automotive training available any time, any place by turning any car into a training center. It helps automakers, dealerships and repair garages increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction and create new opportunities for auto mechanics around the world by making technical training accessible locally at their work space whenever they need it.




Electronic guide for blind and visually impaired people

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Oriense

Oriense enables blind people to become self-reliant. The computer vision-based wearable device called Oriense helps them function independently, without needing assistance from guide dogs or people around them. Oriense employs location services and audio output to help blind people navigate from point A to point B bypassing obstacles and staying informed of their surroundings.


Sentralia Labs


Personalized Women’s Healthcare

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Sentralia Labs

Sentralia is a system that empowers women worldwide to perform self-assessment and over-the-counter medication for non-critical medical conditions. The company’s first device focuses on fertility. It helps women analyse their cycle and identifies the best time to get pregnant.




Form a habit of a good posture

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Spinal

Spinal is a wearable device combined with an application that helps you get into the habit of good posture. It trains your muscles and using their memory, helps you get into a habit after just 3-4 weeks of using Spinal. Spinal helps eliminate and prevent the consequences of poor posture such as head, neck, and back pain, and decreased lung functioning.



The Netherlands

Lightweight composite stone

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Sustonable

SUSTONABLE offers a sustainable and affordable composite stone made of recycled PET and quartz or marble resins. The company has developed a new continuous process and a new product that are patented. It uses twice as less raw material to produce one engineered stone kitchen counter that weighs three times less than standard solutions.




Skin cancer prevention

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Uvisio

Uvisio provides an affordable solution that targets skin cancer from different angles: Measure the exact amount of a person’s sun exposure time based on UV, the personal risk profile, and a calculation of aggregated sun exposure over time. The device can then warn the user when their dose approaches their personal maximum.


Sports and Vitality


The Netherlands

Rein tension sensors

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - Centaur

Measuring rein tension gives insight into the performance of equestrians and their horses. This can improve performance and training efficiency, prevent injuries, and improve animal well-being. Centaur’s Rein Tension Sensors measure the pressure applied on the bit and display this via Bluetooth to an app on your smart device.



The Netherlands

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - BerkelBike

BerkelBike helps people who are physically handicapped to have a better life. The technology from BerkelBike makes it possible for spinal cord injury patients to actively cycle despite their paralyzed legs. But spinal cord injury patients are not the only ones to benefit from the bike: It can also help other groups, such as people with MS, brain injuries, or amputee patients.




Optical heart rate monitor for swimmers

HighTechXL winners Fall 2016 - Ovao

In the overcrowded market of heart rate trackers, the dominating wrist wearables are not suited for swimmers. While swimming, your wrist is constantly moving and your goggles get misty, making it difficult to see. Ovao discovered that eyewear is the most convenient type of wearable device for swimmers, as it’s easy to read and perceive color-coded information in real time.



The Netherlands

Real-time monitoring of rowing

HighTechXL Winners Fall 2016 - RowCoaching

With RowCoaching you can monitor several athletes at the same time. The custom tablet will show all important parameters detailed on a range of up to 700m.



The Netherlands

Real-time video content

HighTechXL winners Fal 2016 - Uscoutfor

Uscoutfor is a platform that provides real-time insight to players and trainers in their performance.  With a sophisticated video algorithm, we can detect behavioral patterns in sports and distribute high-value content to fans all over the world. Athletes get to show their skills, fans watch and interact with outstanding talents, clubs and scouts search on all available data.


Their journey will start on November 28. Follow HighTechXL’s Fall 2016 Program on Instagram.

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