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Building a business is hard, especially in high-tech hardware. All for a reason. As a hardware startup founder, you face a long list of risks. Navigating through the jungle of earning customers, product development, and setting up manufacturing processes, while trying to finance the whole darn thing, eventually leaves you with the feeling that you’re chasing your own tail. The further you go, the more your team and resourcefulness will be put to the test. So, why go at it solo?

We built HighTechXL to lend a hand. HighTechXL is here to shorten the list of risks and accelerate your market launch. We will run with you, taking away your major headaches. Why? Because high tech runs in our blood. We take pride in our long history of innovating our way to market leadership: From Philips, to ASML, to Shapeways. Collectively, we possess the know-how, the high-precision engineering talent, and the network to carry the weight of an early-stage startup team when they most need it. Because no great success is ever achieved in a vacuum.

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Here are our 10 areas of expertise

3D Printing
Advanced Robotics
Advanced Materials
Energy Storage
Internet of Things
High-precision Equipment

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