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The HighTechXL Academy is a resourceful toolbox for startup founders and scale-ups – a finely balanced framework of workshops and hands-on support from seasoned industry experts and entrepreneurs that can fuel your exponential growth.

We organize themed events and workshops all year round, and compose top-notch, non-executive advisory boards, depending on your needs. No matter the challenges you are facing during your scale-up journey, we can help because we’ve been there.

You can sign-up for single events or for the full scale-up package.

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Project Management
  • Project Management Master Class
  • Persuasive Communication
Product and Process Development
  • Design for Six Sigma – Green Belt
  • Design for Six Sigma – Black Belt
  • Six Sigma: Master Black Belt
  • Basic Statistics Course
  • Advanced Statistics Course
  • Six Sigma User Group
  • One-Day Workshop QRD
  • One-Day Workshop Six Sigma
  • One-Day Workshop Six Sigma and Supply Chain
  • One-Day Workshop TRIZ
  • RF1 Live Data Analysis and Reliability Testing
  • RF2 Analytical Reliability Methods and System Reliability
  • RF6 Software Reliability
  • RF9 Physics of Failure
  • Problem Solving through Root Cause Analysis
  • Reliability User Group
  • One-Day Workshop Reliability
  • One-Day Workshop Root Cause Analysis