High-Tech Hardware is Allowing Fascinating Change to Happen

We are witnessing the era of an exponentially increasing need for hardware solutions to create a sustainable world for 9 billion people. There are thousands of heroes out there devoting a lifetime to transforming lives for good with the power of computable hardware. Our mission is to make access to these solutions possible, fast. We help hardware founders build a safer and more effective place.

Explore HighTechXL & Bring Your Hardware Startup To Life


HighTechXL Plaza is so much more than a place to be; it is a community of exceptional creators driven by their love for hardware and open innovation. We share knowledge, facilities, and network to foster the ultimate space where startups, scale-ups, and investors can work & connect under the same roof.



Building a hardware business is tough. We help hardware founders move fast from prototype to market through a 6-month hands-on program tailored to their needs. We cover the Hardware Startup 101 and plug early-stage founders into our dedicated network to fast track access to capital, customers, and suppliers.


Scale Up

Hardware startups need support all year round. This is why we created the HighTechXL Academy: A system of events and workshops designed to help startups kick-start and scale their business; address any question or processes from Lean, product development, manufacturing & distribution and finance.


A world of hardware startups delivered to you once a month.